We help babies sleep
 and families rest.

Because we know when people say sleep like a baby…
its because they don’t have one.

Hi I´m Michelle Grinberg…

Your sleep expert in babysleepsos I have  worked with over 15000 families helping them solve their babies sleep needs.

I have four kids, two sets of twins… I know

Maternity changed my life…  and definitely the lack of sleep was something big.. my first set of twins were terrible sleepers, I read every book there was, tried everything and nothing seemed to work.

I ended sleep training my older set of twins when they were almost 2 years old, so when I knew my second set were coming I didn’t wait and hired someone, it was such a big difference in my life.   

So I got certified by many sleep institutes, the happiest baby in the block and positive discipline.

Moving forward I created my own sleep certification institute where I provide new sleep consultants the opportunity to get certified and help different families.

So I made sleep my life, and here I am happy to help you with your family sleep needs.

My classes and consultations will teach you everything you need to confidently handle sleep.

Select your child’s age to get started:

Healthy Habits

Expecting mother
babies 0-4 months

Healthy naps & flexible daytime routines

Helping your baby learn to fall asleep independently

Getting longer stretches of sleep at night

Even more help with days, nights, and other common
newborn concerns

Seeing it all in action with real families

Reading your baby’s cues so you know when they’re
ready to sleep

Calming a fussy baby

Swaddling, sound machines, and other sleep tools

Sleepy cues & wake windows

$325 USD

Customized Sleep Plan

5 months old 
6 years old

Customize a sleep training plan to help your baby achieve
10-12 hours of independent crib sleep, we will handle
night wakings and naps according to you babies needs

I will prepare you and give you the tools you need for a
smooth sleep training experience while remaining
emotionally connected to 
your baby during sleep training

The plan will be custom made according to your needs,
schedules, and parenting style.


$629 USD

Happy Clients

I took the healthy habits, the first tip I put into practice was to swaddle my baby, put her in her crib and 8 minutes later she was asleep, I couldn’t believe it!

Lorena F.

Mom of a newborn baby

I took the personalized plan for my two children.
My youngest son used to wake up every hour and now he sleeps very well, from 7:30pm to 7:30 am.
It’s the best thing in the world.

Melissa G.

Mother of two

I am super happy!

My 8 month old baby finally sleeps 11-12 hours at night, at the beginning it was difficult and we thought we would not make it but as the days went by everything started to take its rhythm.

Now we are a well-rested family

Karen G.

Mothher of one